Efficiently structure the functional aspects of projects using the Strategic Patterns from Domain-Driven Design (DDD)

Domain-Driven Design is based on the simple idea that the business domain should be reflected in all aspects of a project. To achieve this, it must be modeled in a way that can be understood by everyone with all its constraints.

Throughout this training, you will discover tools at your disposal to create these models that facilitate relationships, including with the code, and to maintain them.


  • Mastering the key concepts and principles of the Strategic Patterns from Domain-Driven Design
  • Understanding the connections with the technical and organizational aspects of projects
  • Knowing ways to model and share the business and its constraints

Topics Covered


  • Domain-Driven Design, what are we talking about?
  • The complexities in a project

Key Concepts

  • Why model the business problem?
  • How to model the business problem?

    • Ubiquitous Language
    • Bounded Context
    • Context Map

Case study

  • Collaborative Modeling

    • Experience an EventStorming
    • Classify with Core Domain Chart
    • Document with Bounded Context Canvas

Conclusion and Recap

  • Relation with code
  • Relation with Microservices
  • Recall of Key Concepts


On site(up to 10 individuals)1500€ HT*
Remote(up to 10 individuals)1300€ HT

* Indicative based on travel expenses.

Training duration

1 day

Target audience

  • Architect
  • Business analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Tech lead


  • No prerequisites
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