Webinar DDD and legacy code

Sponsored by: Packmind (ex Promyze) and Upskill4it

After a swift start, project development slows over time, making it challenging to add features without introducing bugs. The notion of 'starting from scratch' often arises, typically linked to complex code. DDD offers solutions, such as creating Bounded Contexts and modeling thoughtful dependencies.

The POC rapidly tests tools, but its disposable code should remain independent. The MVP creates a minimal product to validate business hypotheses. Often, these two concepts are mixed in what is commonly called the "POC that goes into production", leading to the previously mentioned challenges. DDD, when used from the outset, helps to avoid this situation.

DDD provides answers to common development challenges. Contextualizing the code, establishing clear boundaries, and modeling interactions are key approaches. It is crucial to consider various aspects of a project, whether organizational, functional, or technical, from the outset. Discover how DDD offers valuable tools to assist us.

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