EventStorming workshop animation

EventStorming is a collaborative workshop to effectively explore a potentially complex business domain.

The main idea is to bring together, at the same time and in the same room, people who have questions with those who have their answers.

You discover the workshop and want to apply it on one of your needs, or you know well the exercise and looking for an animator, we put at your disposal our expertise in this field.

Or, just looking for information to determine if this is what you need. Whatever your need, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the subject.

Why use the EventStorming?

The format of the workshop makes it possible to provoke discussions, of great richness, between people coming from different backgrounds, such as marketing, IT, security... which in a way makes it possible to break down boundaries, silos between these actors.

Design critical softwares

Based on events, you can quickly identify functional domains that meet the needs of multiple stakeholders.

The business-oriented design creates a natural breakdown of the system and helps to facilitate its future evolution.

It is also a great asset to obtain a draft for future Microservices and thus make the most of their benefits.

Discovering a new problem

Exploring the landscape of a whole new business or technical ecosystem.

Apply a consistent narrative of problem solving, while identifying who is doing what and when.

Highlight the shadow areas to be clarified, the parts with high added value or, on the contrary, those which have the least.

Take a step back from the existing

The system has been developing for several months, with its head in the handlebars.

After gaining some knowledge and maturity, take a moment to verify that the path taken is the right one.

Discover possible inconsistencies and highlight the main remaining obstacles.

By aligning, again, the group on a common vocabulary and a consensus for the next actions.

Transmit knowledge

New people arrive in the team, it is never easy for complex applications to review everything.

While explaining the different processes and paths, the format makes it possible to explain business concepts while avoiding ambiguities as much as possible.

“It’s developer’s (mis)understanding, not expert knowledge that gets released in production.” - Alberto Brandolini

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